From the recording Come Sit By My Fire

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Internal Dialogue ~

I was living on the edge
Which way to go?
Reading other people’s love stories
Made me know
Do you wanna hear those words again? Yes
Will you accept them?
I don’t know. It’s been a bit
Are you afraid?
So much right now it grips and constricts

Everyone serves a purpose. What is mine?
Existing in just this moment. Embracing one second at a time
When’s the last time you got to share your spirit?
Oh friend, it was so long ago
Heartbreaks aside, a conversation, familiar not unknown
And I’ve grown

For a fleeting I forgot a favorite place to be
And as it disappeared, all that was me
I’d been gone for quite awhile.
Welcome back.
It had compiled and compiled
Maybe I’m living in a memory
But maybe I’m living in a dream
Yeah... it’s a dream