Come Sit By my Fire...


It was inevitable. You cant cross the genes of hall of fame tanglefooters, a Yellow Rose of Texas dancin' bar maid, and a wingtipped-shoe-wearing man from aguascalientes they called "the jitterbug" and not have music in your blood, sweat, and tears. 

My grandparents made babies; one served in vietnam, and though he came back a different man, guitar was his saving grace. He strummed me to sleep at night with his songs. He made me want to play. The other, well... she's a beautiful hippie spirit and my doppleganger with the most poetic expressions and the laceiest handwriting you ever saw. She made me want to write. 

I would be amiss if i didn't speak of the missouri songbird turned step-mom, and the band she and my father created called "Green" Country. Growing up, our living room was a stage, and everyone jammed til sunrise after their gig at flo's chatterbox. She made me want to perform. 

Me? I'm Damaris. I got my name from Sesame Street.  I am Mexican German. My freckles come from my red-headed grandpa they called spot, my big textured hair from my daddy, my bronze-on from my momma, and pretty sure my spitfire from my grandma Alberta. 

I tell you this, because I want you to know my story.  Where I came from- and why I must write, play, sing, dance, and always celebrate music. It is in every fiber of my being.  

I am also a mom of two grown children, my Arion Sky and Elysia Delia, that have done everything to honor their single momma and have always made me dream of the what-ifs and can-dos and go-get-its.  

So, hello. I am here. Ready to say something to the world!