1. It isn't Easy

From the recording Come Sit By My Fire

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It isn't Easy~

We, we had a family
Yours, mine and ours, you see
Integrated beautifully
But you chose to play independently
Stayed out past 2 or 3
Disrupting our unity

And that's where the woman in me
Took the kids and what's left of my dignity
I honored your need to be
Without all these damn responsibilities

And now, I'm standing all alone
Holding the hands of my babies
Not sure what the future brings
Or even the strength I have in me
And it isn't easy

And now, I'm thinking of all those years
Remembering all the tears
Wondering how you can waste someone else's life
Because you didn't want to make it right
And how can you be so into you
To toss away time like it's nothing new
Our kids don't have their mom and dad
And our daughter, our daughter's too young to remember what we had
So, i'll take this time as a time to learn
Remember this love as a love that burned
it burned, it burned, it truly burned
But, I won't let that deter me
From experiencing
Life's purities
But it isn't easy